Unique Global ID

Shark ID is a short, 3 to 10 characters unique global ID which represents your profile and portfolio in the form of Contact Cards.

Create Personal Card as well as multiple digital Business Cards, fill in the details and club your social media profiles – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Blog etc. with your Shark ID

Just “share your Shark ID” to share all your contact details – professional or private.

Unique Global ID

Caller ID with Mutual Connections

Know who is calling from the unknown number. Also find out if the unknown number is a mutual friend or common to your contacts.

Whether it’s your personal details or professional details - always stay in control over the people you connect with.

98XXXXX120Unknown number
Devansh Soni is Calling...He is in network of Dhwani Patel
Referral Calling

Who has my number?

We never know who got our number and who saved our number in their phonebook without our knowledge.

With, “Who has my number?” find out people who have saved your number in their phonebook but you haven’t saved theirs. Get in touch with lost contacts, old friends or get to know your stalkers.

Who Has My Card?

Auto-updating Phonebook

No need to add new contacts, merge duplicate contacts, remove dead entries and old contact details.

Just share and save cards and forget the hassle of managing phonebook manually!

98XXXXX120 Devansh Soni
98XXXXX120Devansh Soni has updated his mobile number
Referral Calling

And a lot more...

Digital Business Cards

Tired of carrying and collecting visiting cards? Do you stack business card and forget them when you need them the most?

With Shark ID, never run out of business cards because now you don’t need to carry or collect visiting cards!

Create, share and save digital Business Cards, easily.


Easily search for friends and people you meet in an event to connect to them via Shark ID.


Create similar interest groups to access up to date contact details of your friends, family members and colleagues, anytime anywhere.


Your privacy is our biggest concern. The data you enter stays safe with us only to make the app better for your usage. Your contacts are yours and are never shared with anyone.

Advanced backup & sync makes it easy to backup your contacts so that you never lose them again.