The Shark ID Story

Every problem has a solution. And sometimes it becomes an experience worth sharing.

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Shark ID incepted as seed idea in the mind of the founder – Ramesh Sinha while he was on a sabbatical to rejuvenate and get fresh new perspective on life after consistently working for 10 years.

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He met a lot of new people while he was traveling to various parts across India and neighbouring countries. To stay in touch with those helpful and interesting people, he shared his visiting cards and business details with them.
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A month later, he finds out that he is short of physical copies of his Visiting Card. This made him repeat his contact details to the people he met, often update details in his phonebook manually or write it on a piece of paper and lose it forever. Aah! So boring and irritating!
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That’s when he realised that even in this technologically advanced world where 44% people use a smartphone, we lag in easy communication. We have smart phones but do we use it smartly?
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That’s when the idea of developing a smart phonebook app struck him.

And... this is how Shark ID born

With Shark ID a user can get an extremely short and unique ID as short as his/her name which can be shared easily to anyone using the same platform. He visualized the whole idea of simplified communication and smart phonebook, brainstormed over amazing features like auto updating phonebook, secure backup and digital business card and a lot more.



Shark ID was established in August, 2016 and launched in February, 2017.